Schellerhau Nature Conservation Training 14.-21. August 2020

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
since 1996, the independent regional environmental NGO Grüne Liga
Osterzgebirge (“Green League of the Eastern Ore Mountains”) offers
opportunities for students of “green” university courses to complement
theoretical ecology-knowledge with practical experience at an one-week
Nature Conservation Training. During this training in August they accomplish
important work to preserve biodiversity in the eastern Ore Mountains. We are
glad to impart our knowledge and experiences of landscape management and
species protection. On the other hand, the discussions with young motivated
people from different backgrounds have given valuable impetus to our own
conservation activities, too. Since the Schellerhau Conservation Training
has become more “international” we use English for communication. Attendance
is free of charge, but the participants should be prepared for some
physically demanding biotope-management-labour.

Like so many other events, the 25th Schellerhau nature conservation
internship is subject to further Covid 19 developments. But we remain
optimistic … and want to ask you to pass the attached information to your
students. We would be happy to welcome participants of your university in
August in the Eastern Ore Mountains.

Yours sincerly,
Jens Weber

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