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What about the old website?

We had no real rights to the site and could make more radical changes only through major detours. With our new website, we finally have sole control over all content, hosting the site and its design. 😉

What is and is the FSR actually doing?

Each faculty has its own Student Council (FSR). This generally represents the interests of the students of his faculty. If a student of the Faculty of Biology has a question concerning a course, an internship or an exam, our FSR Biology is often the first point of contact besides the examination office or the lecturer of the event. At weekly meetings, we discuss current topics that affect our faculty (but also the university in general) and us students, conclude financial applications, plan for upcoming events (such as our annual "Teichfest" or the "freshmen-week") and much more. Interested in stopping by?

What's the "Teichfest"?

The "Teichfest" (pond festival) is our annual summer festival. It usually takes place in June in front of the Andreas-Schubert-Bau (ASB) with the small pond (hence the name). It is organized and supervised by the FSR and volunteers. There is music, grilled food and drinks to buy. In addition, the pond festival offers a great opportunity to exchange with fellow students of different semesters.
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