Welcome to TU Dresden!

A warm welcome to everybody starting their Bachelor or Master studies at our faculty this year!

Attention: If you want to attend to our welcoming events in the ESE-week, it is mandatory to sign up for one of the mentoring groups found at the “Mentors 2021/2022” button! If you are studying the Bachelor “Molekulare Biologie und Biotechnologie”, signing up for a mentoring group is also the only way to sign up for the seminar part of the mandatory module “Einführung in die angewandte molekulare Biologie und Biotechnologie”! Link is provided at the “Mentor:innen 2021/22” site (password: “ESE-2021-FSRbio”).

We, the Biology Student Council (FSR), are some of your fellow students from various semesters engaged to support you in your everyday university life. That also includes organizing the welcoming events for new students.

No matter which kind of question might occur in your everyday life at the university – dont hesitate to contact us via mail or our Discord server (https://discord.gg/TGQnpXD).

See the buttons below for a timetable regarding the welcoming events this year and some other useful stuff:

If you want to attend to one of the many sports offers at the TU, bear in mind that you have to be very quick for some of the more popular courses. (Some of them are full seconds after sign up is open!) More information at the button below: