Participation in the ESE requires prior registration. This means that you will register for the majority of the events during the week. Unlike in previous years, you will only be enrolled in the mentor groups at your introductory event on 4 October (see programme).

After filling out the registration form, you will receive an email confirming the successful submission of your data. You will receive another email with all important information the week before the start of the Ersti-Week. All programme details are subject to change.

Registration form

    Previous place of residence
    Please enter data on your previous place of residence here.

    Freshmen barbeque

    Please let us know here if you would like to take part in the freshers' barbecue on 04.10 (without obligation) and what your eating habits are so that we can plan better. As biologists, we are of course particularly interested in sustainability and will mainly offer vegetarian and vegan products. Nevertheless, this information helps us a lot.

    At the barbecue, there will be the possibility to pay a flat rate of 6 € to collectively pay for a bundle of 2x barbecue food, 1x drink + salad + exclusive FSR ribbon. By indicating whether you would like to take advantage of this (which we highly recommend; salad and the ribbon are only available in a bundle), we will be able to plan even more reliably.

    * Pflichtfelder