Bachelor/Master thesis in Molecular Biology/Microbiology

Bachelor/Master thesis position in Microbiology and Molecular biology

Lactic acid bacteria are a group of Gram-positive microorganisms that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). These bacteria are involved in the fermentation of fruits, vegetables, meat and milk. Lactobacillus plantarum, which could make sour beer together with yeast, is the producer of lactic acid in this case. On the other hand, most of the flavours in the beer derive from the hops used during the fermentation. Out of the flavour adding compounds, two monoterpene molecules geraniol and linalool have been identified as primary flavour determinants which have rose- and lavender-like scent, respectively.
The goal of our project is to produce these aroma-active compounds in L. plantarum and utilize the modified strains for the production of fermented beverages. To increase the substrate (GPP) level of monoterpenes in L. plantarum, one endogenous protein (FPP synthase) can be mutated by single amino acid mutation, which could probably shift it to a specific GPP-producing enzyme.
•Mutation of FPP synthase by PCR
•Cloning of the gene into plasmid and E. coli transformation
•Overexpression of mutated and wild type FPP synthase in E. coli
•Western blot and purification of HIS-tagged protein by IMAC
•In vitro enzyme characterization

•Interest and solid knowledge in microbiology and molecular biology
•Basic wet lab experience
•Highly motivated and hardworking

The work/thesis should be in English. You can send your application including your CV and a brief cover letter via Email to The application deadline is 31.11.2021.

Xiangang Li (Frank)
Ph.D. student
Technische Universität Dresden
Institut für Mikrobiologie
Allgemeine Mikrobiologie
AG Mascher
Room 135
Zellescher Weg 20 b
01217 Dresden

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