Welcome to the Dresden University of Technology

We would like to welcome all of you who are starting their Bachelor’s, Master’s or (brand new for all of us) teacher training programme at our faculty this year. We, the Biology Student Council, are some of your fellow students from different semesters who are committed to your interests. In addition to our work in university politics, this also includes the introduction of first-semester students.

In the midst of a stressful everyday study routine and lots of time in the lab waiting for you, you should of course also have some fun at TU-Dresden. Since this aspect is not necessarily conveyed by the course content, we got together and came up with a great programme for you first-semester students. During this first-semester introduction week (german. ESE), we organise a whole series of events that give you the opportunity to get to know the university, the faculty and your fellow students. You can find the schedule for the week and a detailed description of the events under Programme.

If you have urgent questions, our FAQ may already give you one or two useful answers. And because the TU website can sometimes be very confusing, we have collected a few of the important websites for you under the menu item Links. In addition, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have in order to help you find your way around the university, your degree programme or generally get started in student life. You can contact us at any time or write to us on Whatsapp or by e-mail. You can find all contact options under Contact.

So if you’re looking for new people, a beautiful city and a lot of good humour, we’ll see you at the introductory events! We look forward to getting to know you!

Important Informations

Participation: We advise all first-year students to take part in the events in order to make first contacts with their new fellow students. To participate, prior registration is required for better planning. 😊

Registration: Participation in the ESE requires prior registration. This will register you for the majority of the events during the week. Unlike in previous years, you will not be enrolled in the mentor groups until your introductory event on 4 October (see programme).

Mentors: You will be guided through the introductory events by mentors. These are students from the higher semesters who have already got to know the TU Dresden and the degree programme. So that you can get a better picture of them, they have written profiles for you. You need the password “B1O-ESE-2023” to view them.

Please note: for the time being, the mentor groups are only intended for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. All events that are not held in the mentor groups (this is noted in the programme) can also be attended by teachers (for more information, see Teacher Training).

Communication: Before, during and after the ESE, the Whatsapp year group functions as the main medium of communication. If you don’t want to miss any information or exchanges, you should join it. You can find the link above.

Awareness: We want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun at our events. We expect all new students to treat each other with respect and appreciation. In the event of discriminatory, assaultive or transgressive behaviour, the awareness team is at your disposal. The team can take action at the request of those affected, witnesses or on their own initiative and always acts confidentially.

Contact (SMS or call): Phone-Number follows
Awareness Team: Franz, Schlotti, Fine and Celina from the FSR

Additional Informations

  • Even if you already know how to do it, we recommend that you wait for Selma before enrolling in the modules. We will do this together at the Selma introduction.
  • Note on the Welcome Package: As every year, the city of Dresden hands out first-year backpacks to all first-year students on Thursday, 5 October. You can do this by showing your Imma or the voucher on the back of the Startbonbon from the Studierendenwerk Dresden (you’ll get it in the Bio-Ersti bag). Only while stocks last, so talk to your group about picking one up.
  • Here at the TU, there is a huge and affordable range of sports courses for students. The only problem is that you have to be quick for the popular courses! Take a look at what’s on offer here and sign up as soon as registration starts (some courses are fully booked after a few minutes).
  •  * Participation in the ESE events is completely free of charge. The only thing you have to pay for is food, for example at the barbecue, or drinks. The latter is of course voluntary.