Info for new Master students

The Master-Tutorium (a course where we will answer all your questions about studying biology here in Dresden) is coming closer and we wanted to remind you to bring a lab-coat for the practical part of the course! If you don’t own a labcoat you can rent one for free from us (for the time of the Master-Tutorium), but the number of coats we can give out is limited.
Also, for the introduction into “Selma” – the web-portal where you do all your signing up and registering for courses and exams – we advise you to bring a notebook, because the number of computers in the PC-Pool is limited as well.

Please activate your ZIH-login before monday (you can find out how online, or in the immatriculation-documents send to you by the university).

Also, even if you don’t participate in the Master-Tutorium, you are all cordially invited to join us for coffee and games on monday at 15 o’clock (in the FSR-office, Bio/E05) and for the pub-crawl on wednesday at 19 o’cock (at bus-stop “Alberplatz”,near the little “DVB-hut”).

Best of luck for your first weeks and your time here in Dresden,
– Markus