Master Tutorial and Introductory Week

Hello Master first-semesters, some of you might have already seen that there is a so called “Master Tutorium”. That is completely voluntary course, where you can learn everything about our university structure, about organising your courses and lots of other really handy tips for your student life. We will also introduce you into the online course managment site “Selma” and help you build your timetables. There will also be a couple of hours of theroy, to freshen up the basic you need for working in the labs. Additionally, there are some events to help you start your student life here, meet the other students and make friends. On Monday at 15:00 o’clock, there are coffee and games at our office (Bio/E05). On wednesday night, 19:00 o’clock, there is a pub crawl starting at the DVB-hut (yellow bus-company hut) at the “Albertplatz” stop. Thursday morning however, at 9:20 o’clock, your official Introduction by the university profs will be held (at ASB/028). Afterwards you will get gift-bags and atour through the institutes. For information on what happens when, look in this handy timetable. Have fun! – Markus