Team for Young Microscopists and Image Analysts

Dear young researchers,

on behalf of the recently established team Young Microscopists and Image analysts (YMIA) under the The German Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis (BioImaging-Gesellschaft für Mikroskopie und Bildanalyse e.V. GerBI-GMB), we would like to cordially invite all interested actively working and aspiring microscopists and image analysts for the YMIA general meeting on the 25th of April 2023 at 13:30. To receive the meeting link, send a quick message to

About YMIA:
Microscopy and image analysis are so strongly intertwined that it is impossible to talk about one without the other. We aim to form a network among young scientists in which we can discuss our specific imaging and analysis issues in an informal, peer-based environment. „Young” in this definition means students, PhD students and PostDocs up to two years after their defense. For more information about the YMIA, check out our website:
If you have any questions and/or want to sign up for all upcoming events (even if you cannot join the next meeting), feel free to reach out to us via email:
And please share this information and the poster below with your colleagues and fellow students!

Meeting agenda:
• introduction of the YMIA and GerBI
• discuss previous activities (feedback and plans for the future)
• presentation of communication channels
• presentation of resource database
• introduction of the concept of „problem based learning“ (possible alternative learning model for our community)
• open discussion and Q&A to the organizers
Our goal is to tailor our program to your needs and expectations!
Best wishes on behalf of the YMIA team,
Friederike, Annika and Sona

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