Timetables, internships and registration deadlines WS 19/20

Hello fellow students,
October is approaching and the new semester is approaching with it. We would like to remind you that the first registration periods start today, on 06.09.2019. (look here)
The registration deadline for all block internships ends on 29.09.19 (with the exception of internships in the first semester of the Masters, where the first semester students have time until 12.10.2019). Do not forget that in most cases you have to register first for the module and then for the course. So at least two clicks, it’s best always to check.
Likewise, all preliminary timetables and internship plans are now also available online.

Where? Everything can be found here: https://tu-dresden.de/mn/studium/selma/index
By the way, there are also instructions for Selma.

To all first semesters: Do not worry, we offer a comprehensive induction program for all who are new to the university. Course of study, registrations, Selma, etc. … and of course one or the other get-togethers event with beer is also part of it 😉

We wish you relaxed holiday weeks, have fun, enjoy the sun,

Your FSR biology