MSc Thesis: Development and characterization of novel lipid biosensors

Lipids are of crucial importance for biological systems by forming biological membranes, storing
energy and acting as second messenger molecules triggering distinct cellular events. The
investigation of their cellular roles is often limited due to their small size and physicochemical
properties. One possible way to study e.g. lipid distribution in cellular systems is to use
fluorescently tagged lipid binding proteins. In this project, you will work on the purification and
characterization of novel lipid biosensors. Hereby, you will apply a broad array of fundamental
biochemical methods, ranging from protein to lipid biochemistry and afterwards use these
biosensors in biological systems.
We are looking for a highly motivated student with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry or related
field of studies and a strong interest and drive in method development. Hands-on experience in
protein biochemistry is desirable but not essential.
We are offering a highly interdisciplinary environment in the interphase of organic chemistry, cell
biology and biochemistry.
If you are interested in doing your master thesis with us, please send a motivation letter, CV and
transcript of records to Pavel Barahtjan ( until 31.12.2021. Please indicate
‘MSc thesis – Application’ in the subject line. The duration of the thesis depends on the student’s
university regulations and can start at the earliest from February 2022. The working language is

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